RAP Black Friday Tour of Shame & Alternative Market

Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 10:30 AM to at 07:00 PM


Tour of Shame Rally

Friday, November 24, 10:30AM to 2PM @ the RAP office (370 7th ave. 7 Penn plaza New York NY 10001): Join the Retail Action Project (RAP) and its allies to protest the greed, racism, and downright dirtiness of the retail industry. Despite the great deals, Black Friday also represents unending consumerism, worker abuse (domestic and global), discrimination based on race, age, gender, sexual identity, the plunder of the environment and the maintenance of a low-wage, race to the bottomed economy.

Part of RAP’s  answer to all of this is to step out on Black Friday, a day when we really see some of the most despicable treatment and behavior, to call out many of the worst offenders and give voice to workers along the entire retail production chain, many of whom have to work that day.

Alternative Black Friday Market

Friday, November 24, 3-7PM @138 West 31st Street, (between 6th ave & Broadway): This Black Friday, the Retail Action Project is hosting its first-ever Alternative Black Friday Market to highlight the artistic and entrepreneurial talents of retail workers and their allies. This event will serve as a supportive space for workers to build community and network with each other’s. RAP is also calling on shoppers to invest their money locally instead of buying into the harsh working conditions of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Every dollar spent on local business, rather than big chains, keeps money flowing within our communities. By choosing to support local entrepreneurs on Black Friday, shoppers are also telling companies that not only do we DEMAND better working conditions for retail workers, but we will not support their businesses while they mistreat their employees. We are all affected by these corporate decisions to pressure retail workers into working Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so this is initially how we take back what belongs to us, through people power.

Goals of our Alternative Black Friday Market:

1) To raise awareness around worker issues around this time of year & bad conditions in general

2) Have the public understand & support the movement on bettering worker conditions in the retail industry & why it's important to change them

3) To highlight the artistic and entrepreneurial talents of retail workers across the city

4) Encourage Black Friday shoppers to invest their money in local businesses to keep our money local, rather than on big corporations.

5) Connect retail work with other social issue struggles & deepen RAP relationships with other ally organizations (race, housing, other working-class struggles)


Retail Action Project
370 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10001