Save The Date! Triangle Fire Memorial To Be Dedicated On October 11, 2023

Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Wednesday, October 11: The long-awaited Triangle Fire Memorial, located at the site of the fire in Greenwich Village, New York, will be dedicated. The memorial is one of the very few in America that honors workers, most of whom were women and immigrants, and it is unique in that it tells their story in their own languages, English, Italian, and Yiddish.

“This beautiful memorial will help us remember the workers who lost their lives because of employers’ greed, shining a light on this dark history and reminding us of the need for collective action,” said Mary Anne Trasciatti, President of the Triangle Fire Coalition. “Outrage in the aftermath of the tragedy changed labor and fire safety laws and these changes continue to protect us more than 100 years later. We are honored to partner with New York University and to have gotten so much support from the labor movement and others in the community for this project.” Please save the date and join us as we gather for this historic occasion!