Work and Family

Although the “traditional” family—a father who works outside the home and financially supports the children and a mother whose work is keeping the house and raising the children—has been disappearing for more than a generation, our workplaces and government policies have not kept pace with America’s new reality.

Most children are growing up in homes with both parents working or with single parents. One-third of workers don’t have access to paid sick leave, and only 42 percent have paid personal leave. What’s the impact on public health when working people can’t afford to take sick days during a flu epidemic? Who takes care of a sick child? Who’s home to fix dinner and help with homework? Who can dedicate time to a sick elderly parent?

The recession and jobless recovery have complicated life further for working families, when having to leave work for a family emergency could lead to long-term unemployment.

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The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) this week filed Unfair Labor Practice charges (ULPs) against Amazon claiming that it has engaged in misconduct during the re-run union election in Bessemer, Alabama.

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Every year the Alliance publishes a Congressional Voting Record that scores every U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative on key retirement security issues.

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Wednesday, February 23, 1PM: Despite public support for policies that promote good jobs, the COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly underscored how fair wages, health insurance, paid family and medical leave, and safe working conditions are still far from guaranteed—even for workers deemed essential by

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Tuesday, February 22, 7:00pm, ONLINE via Zoom: Please join us online for the final performances of TheaterWorks! Tickets are free to reserve but donations are welcome.

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Management of REI SoHo has not only ignored workers' requests to have their union voluntarily recognized, they’ve deployed textbook union-busting tactics meant to intimidate and scare workers out of voting Union Yes.