Aug 22, 2013 | News Story

Alpine Painting Has Admitted to Underpaying Its Workers


Alpine Painting and Sandblasting, a painting contractor, is inconsistent in paying workers in accordance with area standards. We take the fair payment of labor seriously, especially when contractors like Alpine Painting undermine the hard working men and women of our communities. Efforts to undercut workers are unlawful, and they erode area standards.

Alpine Painting has admitted to violating Sections 220.8, 220.b2 and 235 of the New York State Labor Law, meaning that it knew, or should have known, it was underpaying laborers, workers and mechanics employed on public projects. Alpine Painting has since agreed to pay $93,172 in restitution, interest, and penalties. Furthermore, recent communication with one of Alpine Painting’s alleged clients, AIG, raised questions about the client list on Alpine’s company website.  AIG had expressed concern about its inclusion on Alpine’s client list, informing District Council 9 that Alpine was not an approved vendor.  AIG has since been removed from Alpine Painting’s website.

The situation leaves us to ponder a few questions.  Is Alpine Painting fabricating professional relationships to pump up its client list? Has Alpine, in fact, worked with all of these companies and has it been granted permission to display the company names and logos on its website? How accurate is Alpine’s client list? 

Help us inform the public and let Alpine Painting and Sandblasting know that these practices are unacceptable. Please contact Steve Scaturro at Alpine Painting and let him know that we will not tolerate the perpetuation of these unlawful, untruthful practices. Also, if anyone should come across an Alpine Painting project, please contact John Drew at District Council 9, 212-255-2950 Ext. 138.

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