Dec 13, 2013 | News Story

Wrongfully Fired Local 338 Members Call for Justice

This morning, fired Trade Fair supermarket workers from the 75-07 35th Ave., Jackson Heights location took to the streets to protest their wrongful firing at the hands of former owner Farid Jaber, who owns all nine stores in the supermarket chain.  The workers were joined today by their fellow union members, CLC President Alvarez, Assemblymember Francisco Moya, Senator Jose Peralta, and supportive community members.

Earlier this week, store employees showed up to work, only to find out from management that the store had been sold, and their employment had been terminated. Local 339 RWDSU/UFCW represents the supermarket chain’s “front end” employees (all departments except meat), and Local 342 UFCW represents the workers in the meat departments. 

The unions are calling for Trade Fair to enter into bargaining for the workers over the closing of the store, and to pressure new store owner Mohammed Haque to hire all of the displaced workers to the same location.