Dec 29, 2016 | News Story

Thank You

Thank you for your continued support of New York City labor!

As we look ahead to 2017, the labor movement certainly has our work cut out for us. Now more than ever, we must recommit to standing up for unionism, and for the values that helped transform our workforce many years ago.

Workers deserve to be paid fair wages.

Workers deserve the necessary training and tools to help keep them safe on the job.

Workers deserve the right to come together to have a voice at work, and to collectively bargain.  

The NYC Central Labor Council is all in to protect these rights for working New Yorkers, and to ensure that workers’ voices are heard. We all know that we are stronger together, so we are asking you to continue to stand with us. A united workforce is a powerful workforce, and we look forward to continuing to stand together as the nation’s largest regional labor federation, to help protect the rights of all working people.

The New York City Central Labor Council wishes you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!