Oct 5, 2017 | News Story

UFT and CSA Educators Recognized As New York Daily News Hometown Heroes in Education

On Thursday, the New York Daily News honored 10 outstanding school principals, teachers, and counselors at the 2017 Daily News Hometown Heroes in Education awards. The 10 recipients were chosen from a pool of over 200 nominees submitted by Daily News readers as educators with exceptional skills who went above and beyond for their students. The winners were joined at Thursday’s breakfast by UFT President Michael Mulgrew, CSA President Mark Cannizzaro, schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña, hip-hop artist Darryl (DMC) McDaniels of Run-DMC, and CBS 2 News Anchor Mary Calvi. The 10 winners were also given a chance to tell their stories.

“Our Hometown Heroes in Education show the depth of talent we have in our public schools. We are recognizing educators who inspire, who ignite our students’ creativity, and who make sure all children have access to the best our city has to offer,” said Michael Mulgrew, President of the United Federation of Teachers. “It is an honor to work with them and for them. The Hometown Hero awards give us all a chance to say, ‘thank you.’”

“The educators recognized today, and dedicated others like them, are the lifeblood of our city’s schools,” said Mark Cannizzaro, President of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators. “They make our schools work, help our children grow into responsible citizens. The Daily News’ Hometown Heroes program allows us to give each of these amazing people a small part of the recognition they so rightly deserve for a job well done.”

You can read about all of the Hometown Heroes in Education here.