Nov 3, 2017 | News Story

Local 802 AFM’s Latest “Musicians of New York” Post Spotlights Broadway Musician

Local 802 AFM recently launched a new social media campaign called “Musicians of New York.” In the style of the Humans of New York photo project, the series includes photos of Local 802 members either in their workplaces or out on the streets of New York City, usually with their instrument in hand. The photos are accompanied by brief biographies and quotes from the musician that highlight their experience of being a working musician in the city, with all of the joys and the struggles that come with making a living off their art. This week’s post spotlights Patrick Milando, a French horn player who has been playing in the band of The Lion King on Broadway for ten years now. He shares his wisdom about playing music in a Broadway show every week.

Read and share Patrick Milando’s post here, and check Local 802 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for new #MusiciansofNewYork posts every Wednesday.