Nov 17, 2017 | News Story

SEIU Local 246 Members Awarded for Creativity in Increasing Workplace Safety

Bureau of Water Supply Machinists Arthur Batson and Glenn Corwin have been recognized by the  Department of Environmental Safety for helping to improve workplace safety.  The Local 246 brothers have been nominated to receive the DEP Always Creating Excellence Award for Environmental Health and Safety.

In light of recent Environmental Health and Safety progress reports highlighting that hand injuries can occur when sledgehammers are used with other tools like breaker bars to repair and replace fire hydrants and gate valve nuts, the Department of Environmental Protection was interested in identifying ways to make the work safer.  Batson and Corwin stepped up and created breaker bars with handles, to help prevent hand injuries.

“Once again, our members show just how good we are at our jobs and how creative we can be when a problem arrives,” said Joe Colangelo, President of Local 246.  “Arthur and Glenn have proven that Local 246 members are the best in our trade.”