Dec 1, 2017 | News Story

AFM Local 802 Announces Emerging Artists Project

This week, Local 802  launched the Emerging Artists Project, a new grant program and tool designed to support musicians who most need it.  Modeled upon a Target Fund system developed in the 1980’s, the Emerging Artists Project is designed to help ensembles and bands reach the standards that we musicians should expect for our craft, both professionally and artistically.

"Our primary goal as a union is to help facilitate local musicians' ability to advocate for themselves, their careers, their families and their art by providing the strength they need to earn a fair living,” said Tino Gagliardi, president, Local 802 AFM. “ The Emerging Artists Project is the latest tool with which we can combat unfair treatment and exploitation, while simultaneously providing emerging musicians with the boost they need to become a well established and positive contributor to the music community."

Musicians today are facing challenges unlike any before as new technologies and business models force musicians to steer their careers through an increasingly exploitative and unaffordable world.  Addressing these challenges is a priority for the leadership of this union, as is ensuring our union remains relevant to all performers in a seismically shifting environment.

This is a 4-year, $10,000 per year grant - the first of its kind in the AFM - which will be awarded annually by Local 802 to an applying group or groups composed of 3 or more musicians in any genre of music. The money awarded may be used to pay any expenses (wages, marketing, publicity, recording expenses, etc.) necessary to meet the ensemble’s goals and the expectations of an agreed upon union contract. In addition to the monetary award and protections guaranteed by working under union contracts, our union has partnered with Orchestra of St. Luke’s and the DiMenna Center for Classical Music, who will offer discounted rates on rehearsal studio and recording studio rental as well as provide grantees with mentoring on the business of music. Grantees will be required to sign a collective bargaining agreement with Local 802 and all members of the group will be required to join Local 802.

How to apply:

One ensemble will be selected in the grant’s first class, and applications are open December 1, 2017 through January 8, 2018.  Ensembles of any sort are invited and encouraged to apply.

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