Dec 1, 2017 | News Story

URGENT: Supply Plane to Puerto Rico

Dear Affiliates:

Thank you for all you’ve done this year for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

Thanks to President Martinez and the Machinists union, we now have another opportunity to send supplies for union members in Puerto Rico on an American Airlines plane that will depart from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in early December. IAMAW Local 1776 in Philadelphia has offered the use of their union hall as a staging location. Supplies can be dropped off or shipped to the hall on December 4th and 5th between 9 AM – 5 PM; and December 6th between 9 AM – 12 PM.

IAMAW Local 1776
251 Jansen Avenue
Essington, PA 19029

If you plan to send supplies to members of your union or for general relief efforts organized by the Puerto Rico AFL-CIO, you must first contact Yael Foa at or 215-439-0676.

Please note the following:  
The President of the Puerto Rico AFL-CIO, Jose Lole Rodriguez-Baez, is the point of contact for union-shipped cargo. Unions can send supplies designated for their members, or for the disaster relief efforts being coordinated by the Puerto Rico AFL-CIO. President Rodriguez-Baez will coordinate the collection of cargo in San Juan and bring it to a central location. Unions that are receiving supplies for their members in Puerto Rico will be able to obtain those supplies from President Rodriguez-Baez.

Each box/case of supplies needs to have a label identifying the shipper and whether the supplies are intended for members of a particular union, or for the Puerto Rico AFL-CIO relief efforts. A sample label is attached.

If you order supplies to arrive on a skid, it should have the following measurements: 40 “ x 48 “ x under 5’.

We will need an itemized list of supplies (i.e. 1 case canned goods, 35 cases bottled water, 1 case baby wipes, etc - see document below) and estimated weight of the goods you are sending.

Supplies cannot be dropped off or shipped to the staging location unless you first contact Yael Foa to let her know what supplies you are providing and when you intend to drop them off or have them delivered to the union hall.

A list of supplies needed, and those that cannot be shipped via aircraft, is included below. Please contact Yael Foa if you have any additional questions. Thanks again for all of your efforts.

In Solidarity,

New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

High protein food such as canned tuna and chicken, beans
Non-perishable staples such as rice
Protein shakes/Ensure/Power Bars
Baby food/formula
Solar lights
Batteries (C and D Cell – more D Cell than C Cell needed)
Large Tarps (i.e. 20’ x 20’ or 20’ x 30’)
New gas cans
Baby diapers
Adult diapers
Over the counter medicine (Tums, Tylenol, etc.)
Personal hygiene products
NOTE: New generators are permissible but may be subject to tax. Please call Yael Foa for more information if you’d like to send generators.

Used generators
Used gas/oil powered equipment
Lithium batteries
Aerosol Cans
Live Animals
High Value (Value 1500USD and higher)
Strike anywhere matches
Gas / oil / petroleum products
Household cleaners
Firearms or Firearms Parts
Other dangerous goods, including dry ice


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