Feb 23, 2018 | News Story

Message of the Day—I AM 2018

America produces more wealth today than at any time in history, yet the economic rules written for the rich and for powerful corporations have resulted in hard times for regular people.

More than 60% of Americans lack adequate savings to cover a minor medical emergency or other unplanned expense.

College debt has reached $1.4 trillion, even as earnings for young workers remain low and unemployment and underemployment remain stubbornly high.

Working people are mobilizing and rising up to demand our elected leaders write new rules or be replaced, the same fight that brought Dr. King to Memphis, Tennessee, a half century ago.

Economic hardship often fosters social division, but we refuse to be divided. Like the brave sanitation workers in the 1968 “I Am a Man” strike in Memphis, we will fight for and win a better tomorrow.