Apr 6, 2018 | News Story

Thousands of Construction Workers Join Together to Rally for Count Me In Movement

This week, ten thousand members of New York City Building Trades unions took over 7th Avenue to call out greedy developers and their efforts to undermine unionized construction in New York City.

Workers led chants of “count me in” to demonstrate the solidarity of the New York City Labor Movement in their fight against the unsafe work practices of unscrupulous developers.

Workers at the Hudson Yards development on Manhattan’s West side have been gathering in the early mornings before work and afternoons each week to denounce the “open shop” model of development. “Open shop” forces skilled tradespeople of the building trades to work alongside workers who are often underpaid, exploited by their employers, and lack the training to ensure a safe job site.

The New York City Labor Movement has taken a decisive stance against efforts to divide workers by trade or background, knowing that we are all stronger together.

NYC CLC President Alvarez stated “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew 50 years ago, the power of collective action. When we stand together, we will win together.”