Aug 17, 2018 | News Story

Best Market Exposed

For more than a year, Best Market workers have been coming together to voice their concerns about conditions in their stores. Low wages and benefits are not the only issues facing their families; healthy and safe stores are equally important. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is standing with Best Market workers as they join together to improve their lives and their stores.

Best Market is no longer a small, independent grocery store. Now operating 29 stores in three states, with plans for more, Best Market has become an important grocery company. However, unlike other Long Island grocery chains, Best Market has not lived up to its responsibility to Long Island communities to provide good jobs and well-maintained stores.

Over the next several weeks, UFCW will be sharing real stories of life working inside Best Market: workers' daily challenges, their efforts to improve their stores, and their hopes for the future. Visit and follow Do Better Best Market on Facebook to learn more.  #DoBetterBestMarket