Sep 28, 2018 | News Story

Working Together for a Strong Contract at NYU

In 2016, NYU abruptly pulled out of the League of Voluntary Hospitals, a multi-employer bargaining approach that has ensured quality care and good jobs for New Yorkers for decades. With 1199SEIU's contract set to expire on September 30, NYU is now implying in contract bargaining that the healthcare benefits caregivers and their families have depended on for years are under threat.

1199SEIU members and their allies conducted informational picketing yesterday outside of NYU Langone-Tisch, NYU Langone-Brooklyn, and the Hospital of Joint Diseases (HJD) to let members of the community know that management is holding caregivers' benefits hostage, and that threats against their healthcare have gotten more explicit. Support 1199SEIU caregivers today by contacting NYU's CEO Robert Grossman at 212-263-3269 and telling him to protect caregivers' healthcare, and by following the caregivers' fight on social media via #made4whoseNY and #Better4Who, and at