Nov 16, 2018 | News Story

IDG Benefits Fund Announces Free Flu Shots For New York’s Uber, Lyft, Black Car Drivers

The IDG Benefits Fund (the sister organization of the Independent Drivers Guild, which represents and advocates for more than 70,000 app-based drivers in New York City) is providing free flu shots for New York’s app-based and black car drivers throughout the month of November. Drivers can sign up at or call 1-855-979-1445 and redeem at any Rite Aid, many of which have parking lots convenient for drivers. The free flu shot program is a new offering from IDG Benefits Fund, which provides vision and telemedicine coverage as well as health screenings for New York’s app-based and black car drivers.

“Half a million New Yorkers ride with app-based and black car drivers every day and protecting drivers with free flu shots will strengthen the health and safety of riders and drivers alike. A single driver can transport more than a dozen riders per day. A flu shot can help protect a driver from illness so that they can continue working, and it also can protect their family, and their passengers,” said Andrew Greenblatt, executive director of IDG Benefits Fund. Drivers who are not yet enrolled can call 1-855-979-1445 or go to to sign up and request the voucher for a free flu shot at any Rite Aid.   Drivers already enrolled in Drivers Benefits should call the toll free number to get their voucher.