Dec 14, 2018 | News Story

City and Teamsters Local 237 Announce Tentative Contract Agreement

The city’s Housing Authority and Teamsters Local 237 have struck a deal on a new contract that will for the first time allow employees to do weekend maintenance work at NYCHA housing. The tentative agreement includes annual raises of of 2%, 2.25% and 3%, and workers will receive 2 percent back pay from May 2018. Additionally, 237 members will receive annual annuity increases of nearly $500 by the end of the three-year contract. Payments to the Local 237 Health and Welfare funds will increase for both active and retired members, and the contract maintains current health and pension benefits.

“We reached an agreement that would increase pay for our members while also providing them with the flexibility of working 4 days rather than 5," said Local 237 president Gregory Floyd. "In addition, the agreement gives preferential treatment to NYCHA residents to be hired for Caretaker positions.”

“This was a huge undertaking and through collaboration with Local 237, NYCHA’s HR team and the Office of Labor Relations, our residents will soon see much cleaner homes, and better service," said NYCHA General Manager Vito Mustaciuolo. Read more here.