Dec 21, 2018 | News Story

#CutTheCord on Spectrum!

Spectrum customers—along with the NY Attorney General’s office—have a long list of gripes with Spectrum Cable. With an income over $490 million and CEO Tom Rutledge earning a salary of $98.5 million, it’s clear that Spectrum Cable is fleecing its customers, overcharging for horrible service while raking in huge profits. Meanwhile, over 1,800 Spectrum workers have been on strike for two years because Spectrum wants them to accept drastic cuts to healthcare and retirement benefits. Spectrum Cable is also bringing in unqualified out-of-state contractors to cut costs, resulting in poor service to customers here in New York. Spectrum takes advantage of customers and employees—so let's stop using them (and save money!) Find out how you can #CutTheCord on Spectrum here!