Dec 14, 2018 | News Story

UAW Local 2320 Members Donate Their Time and Expertise to Help Families in Need

More than a dozen members of the Legal Services Staff Association, UAW Local 2320, headed to Texas this week to volunteer their legal knowledge and expertise for some of the most urgent legal cases today. The LSSA members are using their own vacation time to travel to the Dilley immigration detention center in Dilley, Texas, as part of the Dilley Pro Bono Project (DPBP). Sparked by the countless reports of women and children incarcerated at Dilley after trying to enter the U.S. to flee violence in their home countries, the members joined the team at Dilley to provide legal advocacy for the detainees, most of whom cannot afford legal services. Each group of volunteers signs up for a week of service comprised of 15 to 18 hour work days.

The attorneys, paralegals and organizers arrived in Dilley on Sunday after an online orientation that reviews rules, goals and procedures at the facility. This week they are taking on case and task assignments and working on everything from appearing in court and providing protection to the women and children to collecting data. Read more here.