Jan 11, 2019 | News Story

Refinery29 Editorial Staff Unionizing with Writers Guild of America, East

Editorial staffers at Refinery29, a web site focused largely on Millennial women, are the latest to unionize under the Writers Guild of America East. The group said a “clear majority” of the site’s 40-member staff has signed union cards and asked management for voluntary recognition in order to begin a collective bargaining process.

The site’s organizing committee cited the ethos behind the editorial brand they work for as part of the inspiration for the effort to unionize. But as last year made clear — with reductions in staff at Refinery29 and a host of other digital media companies facing the end of a nearly decade-long industry bull run — there are things to fear.

“Every day we watch our coworkers, a majority of whom are women, make contributions and execute ideas that make Refinery29 unlike any other media outlet — but that doesn’t mean we are immune to the challenges our industry is currently facing,” the committee wrote in a joint statement. “By organizing, we hope to protect our progressive, creative and fearless spirit by giving employees a seat at the table, including during the times when Refinery29 must decide how it will adapt to the shifting media landscape. Additionally, we want to ensure our voice comprises diverse, fairly paid and excited employees, who have no trouble seeing a future at the company.” Read more here, and check out the @R29Union's "Why We're Organizing" statement here.