Feb 12, 2021 | News Story

Mobilization for Justice, Inc. Employees Hold One-Day Strike

The unionized employees of Mobilization for Justice, Inc. (MFJ) held a one-day strike on Tuesday to show their commitment to negotiating a fair contract that values the health, safety, value, and experience of all workers. MFJ workers are members of the Legal Services Staff Association/UAW 2320, a wall-to-wall union representing legal workers, attorneys and other non-management employees. Staff at MFJ provide legal representation, case management and other services to low-income New Yorkers.

“We are fighting for a contract that works for our clients, that works for our lowest paid workers, and that raises the working standards of legal services workers,” said Dinah Luck, a Senior Staff Attorney in MFJ’s Housing Project. “Management, on the other hand, wants to lead a race to the bottom. By doing so, they refuse to acknowledge that quality work comes from retaining experienced workers and that a social justice organization must ensure justice in its own workplace.”

MFJ’s management has rejected key demands from employees, such as equitable pay for non-attorney workers, flexibility in working from home, and compensation that reflects the fiscal health of MFJ and values the work of its employees. Management’s refusal to pay non-attorney workers for their experience shows just how shallow their commitment to racial justice is. Read more at LSSA2320.org, the Queens Daily Eagle, and Law360.com.