Feb 19, 2021 | News Story

Op-Ed: The Express Train to More Dangerous Subways

"Nobody feels safe in the subway. Not the riders and certainly not the workers. Daily ridership was down 3.5 million last year. But more people were robbed, raped and murdered in the system than in 2019," writes Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Tony Utano in a NY Daily News Op-Ed.

"Nearly 360 riders were victims of a felony assault last year. That’s just 20 fewer than the year before, when the trains and stations were packed. Then came last weekend when two people were killed, and two others nearly killed, in a span of hours on the A line."

"Amazingly, MTA management is still pushing forward with a plan to temporarily shutter subway station booths — leaving them unstaffed — for periods of time during the morning, evening and overnight shifts. How can that possibly help the situation? It won’t. Riders will be less safe and even more fearful." Read the full Op-Ed here.