Mar 26, 2021 | News Story

Climate Jobs New York Update: Urging the PSC to Move Forward with Grid Upgrades by Qualified Workers

Building New York’s clean-energy economy will require efficient and effective energy transmission infrastructure. We will need to make significant updates to the grid, creating thousands of jobs and paving the way for tomorrow's economy.

This week Climate Jobs NY submitted comments to the Public Service Commission regarding its Initial Report on the New York Power Grid Study. We urged the Commission to take all steps necessary to move forward with grid upgrades, emphasized that the work must be done safely by qualified workers, and reminded the Commission that New York’s clean-energy investments should be creating good family-supporting, community-sustaining jobs, as well as advancing our renewable-energy goals.

We recommended progressive procurement policies, building on the success of recent offshore wind and other large-scale renewable solicitations that are essential to economic development and high-quality, timely completion of clean-energy projects in the state. These project labor agreements and community workforce agreements for all construction, prevailing wage requirements for construction and maintenance workers, and apprenticeship and labor-management training partnership utilization. You can find the full comments here.