Apr 30, 2021 | News Story

The Gotham Center for New York City History Announces Creation of Online Education Program for Adults

The Gotham Center for New York City History and the Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York have teamed up to create a new program offering online adult/continuing education in New York City history.

GothamEd presents online courses in New York City history, designed to serve a range of backgrounds and purposes — from those generally interested in a topic and looking for a compact introduction to avid buffs in search of a much deeper dive. The program offers a mixture of private lectures with discussion and more intimate, traditional classes exploring topics large and small. Varying in length, with multiple days and times to choose from, and conducted on a digital platform year-round, the program is customized to be inclusive, accommodating the schedules of working and retired people, near and far. The courses are non-credit-bearing, and so less demanding than normal academic coursework, but provide the same opportunity for deep, interactive learning with experts and leading scholars, on a far more flexible, affordable basis.

The program launched in March with a diverse menu that changes every month, including perennial favorites for New Yorkers like “Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses” as well as more timely subjects like “Nikola Tesla’s City of Invention.” Leading subject experts are teaching mini-courses on popular subjects like what made the 1960s folk music scene, as well as topics far less known to the public, like the Black Redcaps who kept Grand Central Terminal running smoothly, and the “Sister Strikers” who led the labor movement in the early 20th century. Learn more here!