Apr 16, 2021 | News Story

Tech Workers at The New York Times Unionize with The NewsGuild of New York

On Tuesday, a majority of over 650 tech workers at The New York Times announced that they have formed a union and are seeking voluntary recognition from the company. More than 1,300 editorial and business staff at the Times are already represented by The NewsGuild of New York.

The Times Tech Guild covers engineers, product managers, project managers, designers, quality assurance staffers, and data scientists and analysts, who build and maintain the digital products and systems the Times relies on to deliver its journalism to millions of readers and subscribers daily. The group is organizing for pay equity among staff, enhanced diversity and inclusion, just cause protections, improved healthcare, and clearer paths for career growth.

While the media industry is highly unionized, the tech industry is less so. The Times Tech Guild is one of the largest tech unionization efforts underway, alongside efforts like the Alphabet Workers Union.

“I'm proud to stand with hundreds of my colleagues at the Times in asking for recognition of our union today,” said Nozlee Samadzadeh, Senior Software Engineer. “Every one of us is here because we believe in the mission of the New York Times. We can't wait to get to the bargaining table to collaborate with Times leadership on issues like pay equity, diversity, job security, and more, to make it an even better place to work.” Read more here and in The New York Times!