May 21, 2021 | News Story

AFM Local 802 Supports NYC Reopening with Music Heals Series

As New York updates its re-opening guidelines, the key to bringing back tourists and audiences is very simple: vaccinations. Union musicians are doing their part to speed this process along. Local 802 and the NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment continued its highly successful “Music Heals" series this week, which is a program of paid union gigs for musicians who perform for vaccine staff and recipients. "It was wonderful to be able to share my music with such an appreciative audience," said Local 802 member Allison McNeal. "Several people said they felt uplifted by the music, and after going so long without playing for a live audience, it was uplifting for me as well!" Local 802 member Tomas Rodriguez agreed: "It was a great gig," said Rodriguez. "The people really appreciated it. Local 802 has done a great job putting this program together to help musicians and help the community. Thank you so much!" For more information about this series, click here.