Aug 27, 2021 | News Story

MSNBC Staff Employees Win NLRB Election to Unionize with Writers Guild of America, East

The ballots are in at MSNBC, and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has counted them: 141 editorial staffers at MSNBC voted to be represented by the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) for the purpose of collective bargaining; 58 people voted no. The 300-member bargaining unit includes writers, producers, booking producers, and other editorial staff at every program airing on MSNBC and The Choice on Peacock. The MSNBC Organizing Committee said, “Victory! This victory is the first of its kind in cable news and we are so proud of what we’ve all accomplished together. A big thank you to our fellow union members in the Writers Guild, across media, and the entire labor movement. We are also deeply appreciative of our MSNBC coworkers, hosts, regular contributors, and the elected officials who supported us along the way. We now look forward to constructive, good faith negotiations with MSNBC management to make this an even better place to work — with input from all of us. This is who we are.” Read more here.