Sep 10, 2021 | News Story

Brooklyn Defender Services Union Wins NLRB Election in Landslide

Last Friday, the staff at Brooklyn Defender Services (“BDS”) resoundingly confirmed their desire to form a wall-to-wall union and enter into contract negotiations with their employer. This election was the culmination of over a year-long effort during which a supermajority of non-managerial workers across practice areas and roles signed cards indicating their support for the BDS Union. The election reaffirmed that widespread support with over 71% of staff choosing the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (ALAA) - UAW Local 2325 as their bargaining representatives. The union will now officially begin the next phase of the unionization process: bargaining for a strong, fair contract.

“It is very inspiring to see an overwhelming majority of my colleagues come together to affirm that we can make BDS an even better workplace so that we can even better serve our clients," said Andrew Lyubarsky, Attorney in the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project. "This tremendous victory through the collective action of our colleagues across roles and practice areas epitomizes the spirit of public defense — that all of us are needed, that every voice is vital, as we work toward a more just society.” Read more here.