Oct 1, 2021 | News Story

Actors' Equity Association Grateful for Renewed COBRA Subsidies

New York State has added additional funding for a COBRA subsidy in the most recent state budget. This program provides assistance equal to 50% of COBRA/continuation premiums. Many of Equity members are still out of work, and as such have lost access to their union health insurance. COBRA allows them to maintain their health care, and the subsidy makes it far more affordable.

Equity staff have been in contact with the state over the last few months to encourage them to update the application as soon as possible. The union is happy that the state heard these concerns and has updated the web page with a new application, to open in October.

Equity continues to advocate for extending COBRA subsidies on the federal level as well, including the COBRA Subsidy Extension for Workers and Families Act. See the application here.