Oct 22, 2021 | News Story

Union INCLUDEd: Non-profit Employees at INCLUDEnyc Vote to Form a Union with OPEIU Local 153

A supermajority of eligible employees at INCLUDEnyc have announced their intention to form a union with the Office and Professional Employees Union (OPEIU) Local 153. The proposed union will cover virtually the entire non-managerial staff of the thirty-eight-year-old organization, with a strong supermajority of eligible workers signing cards in support of unionizing.

INCLUDEnyc employees are devoted to providing programming, resources, and information to families with children with disabilities through workshops and direct assistance. Staff also trains special education professionals and administrators at the NYC Department of Education. The union, Union INCLUDEd, seeks to unionize in order to ensure greater transparency and to have the ability to participate fully in decisions that impact the disability community.

"I know that a union will only benefit our work at INCLUCDEnyc. We strive to empower families every day; it's time that we, the ones who work to make that happen, feel empowered as well," said Colin Montgomery, a Senior Family Educator. Read more here and follow the @UnionIncluded workers on Twitter.