Nov 12, 2021 | News Story

Honoring the Service and Dedication of Our Veterans

This week, the NYC Labor Movement joins the rest of our nation in thanking and recognizing our dedicated servicemembers and their families.

Yesterday, the AFL-CIO's Union Veterans Council launched a far-reaching campaign to engage, educate and mobilize the labor movement's veteran community (more than 1 million veterans nationwide) because veteran voices in our unions are powerful, persuasive and unifying. Click here to watch Operation Union Veterans Day with AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler, United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts, United States Department of Labor Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy for Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) James Rodriguez, and Union Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig.

You can also hear from Will on the NYS AFL-CIO's Union Strong podcast, where he talks about the benefits of belonging to the Union Veterans Council and how it helps veterans transition from military service to civilian life and a solid middle class job—listen here. Finally, click here to become a member of the Union Veterans Council today.