Dec 17, 2021 | News Story

Contribute to Student Workers of Columbia University on Strike, Week Seven!

Columbia student workers are still on strike in what is currently the largest such action in the country. Three thousand workers, including undergraduate and graduate teaching and research assistants at Columbia University, are now in the seventh week of their strike.

Last week, workers and their allies from across the city reported to picket lines and shut down the Columbia campus following retaliatory threats from the school's administration. This week, the workers protested outside the Midtown Manhattan offices of Bain Capital, where Columbia Trustee Jonathan Lavine is a Co-Managing Partner.

The members of UAW Local 2110 are fighting for demands including arbitration for discrimination and harassment claims, higher compensation levels, and improved healthcare covering vision and dental care. While graduate student workers at Columbia are paid $5,500 to $18,000 below an annual living wage in NYC, Columbia's endowment earned 32.3 percent returns for the fiscal year of 2021, resulting in a total endowment value of $14.35 billion. Follow the Student Workers of Columbia on Twitter for more updates, and donate to the Hardship Fund for Student Workers here!