Feb 25, 2022 | News Story

City Hall Expands Summer-Youth Program to Offer 100,000 Jobs

Mayor Adams and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams have reached an agreement to fund a universal Summer Youth Employment Program that will offer 100,000 jobs to those aged 14-to-24. Under the deal announced at a joint press conference on Feb. 15, the city will commit $79 million to fund those positions, with 90,000 being offered through the city's Department of Youth and Community Development and 10,000 though other city programs. That will be the most summer jobs offered in the 60-year history of the program, which has traditionally been a Council priority hashed out in budget negotiations with the Mayor.

"For New York City's young people, the summer employment program is a critical opportunity to develop the experience and skills they'll need to become successful in work and in life," said Vincent Alvarez, President of the NYC CLC which has long participated in the program. "But this is more than just an investment in our youth, it's an investment in the workforce that will drive our city's success for decades to come." Read more in the Chief.