Feb 4, 2022 | News Story

OpEd: Why Labor Peace Became Necessary

NYC CLC President Vincent Alvarez and NYS AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento penned an OpEd this week in The Chief, highlighting the importance of the Labor Peace Law that went into effect in New York City in 2021. The law allows workers at city-contracted nonprofits to organize by creating a level of peace between workers and their employers, ensuring that New Yorkers will receive the valuable services they need, while at the same time protecting the rights and livelihoods of the workers that provide them.

Unsurprisingly, employers are pushing back against the law, asking our city's newly elected leaders to reconsider or delay its implementation. This would be a huge mistake, and would deeply hurt New Yorkers in need of help. The Labor Peace Law opens the door for nonprofit workers who want the opportunity to have a voice at work by joining a union. Read more in The Chief.