Feb 11, 2022 | News Story

Unions Urge Members to File For Expanded Child Tax Credit

More than 300,000 families in New York State who qualify for the Federal Child Tax Credit that was expanded as part of President Biden's American Rescue Plan have yet to file for the benefit, according to the United Way's ALICE project, which tracks the status of families living above the poverty line but struggling to cover household expense.

In the New York City metro area, which includes northern New Jersey, 391,000 households—46 percent of the families that qualify—have not collected the combined $1.1 billion they are eligible for if they file their Federal taxes by April 15. Those with online accounts with the IRS can use the agency's Child Tax Credit Portal to calculate this benefit and then get it directly deposited.

"The expanded Child Tax Credit has the potential to help lift struggling New York families out of poverty, yet thousands of eligible NYC families, including union members, remain unaware and haven't claimed their money," said NYC CLC President Vincent Alvarez. "Congress must extend this life-saving program and we're fighting to make that happen, but families also still have until April 15 to apply for last year's credit—up to $3,600 per child—as a lump payment...NYC's working families can't afford to leave it on the table." Read more in The Chief!