Mar 4, 2022 | News Story

REI Soho Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Join RWDSU

On Wednesday, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), announced that by an overwhelming majority vote of 86 percent, workers at the REI Co-Op in Manhattan have voted to join the RWDSU, making REI SoHo the first unionized REI store in the nation. Despite enduring a union busting campaign that included captive audience meetings, a halt on promotional opportunities, and even a 25-minute union busting podcast, workers have stood together to make REI the inclusive, progressive workplace it claims to be through their union.

"I am proud to be here in this moment with my coworkers at REI SoHo as a part of this new wave of unionization efforts that is sweeping the nation. As members of the RWDSU, we know we will be able to harness our collective strength to advocate for a more equitable, safe, and enriching work environment. A union is necessary for many of us to achieve more stability and security in our lives which could allow for us to explore and play more outside of work!" said Claire Chang, Member of the REI SoHo Organizing Committee and Retail Sales Specialist-Visual at REI SoHo. Read more here and check out more coverage in the Huffington Post!