Apr 15, 2022 | News Story

32BJ SEIU Essential Building Service Workers Rally on Park Avenue, Authorize Bargaining Committee to Call for a Strike

On Wednesday, an estimated 10,000 building services essential workers, including 32BJ SEIU members from New York to Washington, D.C. to Miami, rallied on Park Avenue with supporters to demand that the Real Estate Advisory Board (RAB) agree to a new contract for 32,000 porters, doorpersons, superintendents, concierges and handypersons across the city that includes fair wage increases, fully employer-paid health care for families and no givebacks after 32BJ members demonstrated their commitment and service throughout the two year pandemic. Building workers voted to give the bargaining committee the power to call for a strike, if they decide it becomes necessary. A strike, if one occurs, would affect over 3,000 buildings and 555,000 apartments citywide.

32BJ SEIU members were joined at the rally by elected officials and labor leaders including NYC CLC President Vincent Alvarez. 32BJ President Kyle Bragg said: “Healthcare is a cornerstone of 32BJ. It’s a strike issue. The building owners want us to take money out of our paycheck to pay for healthcare every month, whether we use it or not. We will not stand for premium sharing and we will not stand for anything that disrespects the time and work our members have given over the past two years. We’ve had to fight for every single thing we have in our union contract: paid days off, health care, workplace protection, a pension. This is no exception. We are thankful for the support of all our allies and partners as we fight for a just city and stand with us as part of that fight.” Read more in THE CITY, and see more photos of the rally here.