Apr 8, 2022 | News Story

Radio City Josh Groban Shows Go Non-Union

It's sad when big stars decide to go non-union. The Josh Groban shows taking place last night, tonight, and Saturday at Radio City Music Hall are not currently covered under a union agreement for the musicians. This means there are no contract protections for fair wages, health & pension contributions, job security, recording payments, streaming payments, or other benefits that come with union contracts. American Federation of Musicians Local 802 have reached out to Groban’s management, who so far have refused to guarantee that musicians hired for these performances will earn fair wages and benefits in line with industry standards. Professional musicians must take a stand against taking jobs at sub-standard rates far below what they deserve. Any musicians who were contacted to participate in these engagements are asked to send an e-mail to Local 802 Recording Vice President Harvey Mars at Hmars@Local802afm.org.