Jul 15, 2022 | News Story

Climate Jobs NY Update: Labor Leading on Climate

DC 9 Business Manager Joseph Azzopardi has penned an OpEd for amNY on the importance of union labor and the role of the Finishing Trades in transitioning to clean energy. Joe highlighted the role of Climate Jobs NY in bringing together the labor movement to build an equitable clean energy economy at the scale that climate science demands all the while creating community-sustaining union jobs. Joe called attention to a specific type of work the Finishing Trades are eager to get to work on: offshore wind turbines. DC9 "designed a specialized training program to ensure our members are trained to apply coatings to the components of wind turbines from the manufacturing phase through construction and ongoing maintenance to be durable against inclement weather and seawater, while prioritizing safety when facing the unique challenges of onshore and offshore wind construction. As a result, turbines will be in service longer, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars." From offshore wind to building efficiency, DC9 is ready to help make NY's clean energy economy thrive for workers! Check out the opinion piece here.