Aug 12, 2022 | News Story

Take Action: Support SI Ferry Workers!

For more than 10 years, Staten Island Ferry workers have been fighting for a new contract with the New York City Department of Transportation. This means that their wages and benefits have not changed since the last contract expired in 2010. This is unacceptable.

Stagnant wages and benefits have created high turnover. With fewer workers available to operate the ferries, there has been decreased and unreliable ferry service for the 20 million passengers who use the ferry each year.

City officials have used the pandemic as a scapegoat and blamed workers for the service issues instead of taking responsibility for their own mismanagement. Last week, city officials escalated from blaming the pandemic to accusing workers of an illegal work action that they called a "sick out".

Ferry workers are exhausted from working 12 hour shifts for 6 to 7 days in a row. They are working overtime to compensate for management's inaction. While ferry management has failed New Yorkers, workers have not. Staten Island Ferry workers have been on the frontlines during the pandemic and they deserve a new contract. They have waited more than 10 years. They should not have to wait one day longer.

We're asking NYC Mayor Adams and his administration to provide a good contract for these workers right now. A new contract is the only way the City will be able to retain Staten Island Ferry workers and hire new ones to ensure the future of the Staten Island Ferry. Click here to sign our petition to support Staten Island Ferry workers!

The Chief-Leader ran an editorial this week calling on the City to do the right thing and pay these skilled mariners fairly— read "The Ancient Mariners' Contract" here.