Sep 30, 2022 | News Story

Brooklyn Museum Staff Fight for Fair Contract

The staff of Brooklyn Museum, working across many departments and in many classifications, have dedicated years to their professions and care deeply about the Museum's collections and visitors. These workers voted to unionize last year, to establish a democratic voice at the museum they love. While they're committed to making the Museum a stronger, more sustainable workplace for all, they are deeply disappointed by the Museum's refusal to consider their value to the institution.

Wages have been stagnant for years and Brooklyn Museum employees already earn far lower salaries than their peers elsewhere. The Museum relies heavily on low-paid, part-time, and temporary staff for essential functions. The Museum is threatening to increase our already high healthcare costs. Coupled with low salaries, this makes their employment unsustainable. The Museum is also reducing union positions and creating higher paid positions that it refuses to include on the union, obvious attempts to undercut bargaining power and weaken the union.

Brooklyn Museum workers are asking for the public's help in urging museum leadership to respect their union by sending an email to museum director Anne Pasternak at, and by posting supportive comments and tagging the union in your visits to the museum-- Find them at @BKMuseumUnion on Twitter and Instagram!