Sep 16, 2022 | News Story

NY Times Staffers Pledge to Work from Home Rather than RTO in Demand for Good Faith Bargaining

This week, the NY Times Guild and NY Times Tech Guild delivered to the leadership of The New York Times the names of nearly 1,300 NewsGuild member employees who have signed a pledge to continue to work remotely this week, the first week the Company wanted employees back in the office. Wirecutter Union members also signed the pledge in solidarity.

The Company’s “expected return” is not based on any bargained agreement with either the Times Guild or the Times Tech Guild, and the unions are committed to continuing produce high-quality, award-winning work, while reminding the company it cannot unilaterally change their working conditions. Any RTO policy, as a matter of workplace health and safety, should be a part of negotiated contracts, alongside provisions for fair wages, equitable treatment for members and more. The NY Times is giving employees branded lunch boxes this week as a return-to-office perk. Instead of free trinkets or dictates about where they have to work, the unions want respect and a fair contract, without delay. Follow the NY Times Guild and NY Times Tech Guild on Twitter, and read more in The Daily Beast and the NY Post.