Oct 21, 2022 | News Story

ActBlue Technical Services Workers Form Union with Communications Workers of America

The ActBlue Tech Workers Union/CWA has been voluntarily recognized by ActBlue Technical Services’ management after a neutral third party verification confirming that a majority of eligible workers have signed union authorization cards. The workers will be members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1400. The union, comprised of 80 workers, and management plan to promptly begin negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.

“As the designers, data scientists, product and project managers, software engineers, and more that make up ActBlue Technical Services, we organized a union because we believe it’s the best way to ensure ActBlue continues to live up to its mission,” said the ActBlue Tech Workers Union/CWA Local 1400. “We’re looking forward to swiftly bargaining a fair contract that addresses a wide range of workplace issues from pay transparency to maintaining an ethical and people-powered product. We’re eager to come together with ActBlue Technical Services management to further our work to democratize political participation and empower small-dollar donors. We look forward to joining our colleagues in the ActBlue Union in taking a seat at the bargaining table, and stand in solidarity with them as they continue to bargain for their own contract.” Read more here.