Oct 7, 2022 | News Story

Gen Z and Unions: Center for American Progress Report Finds Strong Youth Support for Labor

This week, the Center for American Progress (CAP) released a brand new report on pro-union sentiment that labels Gen Z  “America’s most pro-union generation.” According to the data, Gen Z’ers are even more pro-union than older generations were at their age. Gen Zers, defined as being 23 years old or younger in 2020, are more supportive of unions than not only Baby Boomers and Generation X, but also Millennials, themselves long seen as a particularly pro-union generation.

Members of Gen Z are entering the workforce at a time of growing economic uncertainty, as college degrees no longer promise job stability and young people describe high levels of economic anxiety. Among these workers, unions may hold special appeal as a way of not only achieving financial independence and security, but also asserting their voices in the workplace. Read more in Teen Vogue and access the full report here.