Nov 4, 2022 | News Story

OpEd: Let’s Give the Biden Administration the Credit It’s Due for Big Infrastructure Wins

"It’s no secret that when a new administration enters the White House, it is immediately evaluated by the promises made during the election campaign. The case has been no different for President Biden," writes New York City and New York State Building and Construction Trades Council President Gary LaBarbera in an OpEd published recently in amNY.

"One area that President Biden has exceeded expectations is in keeping his promises on infrastructure. While these developments have been well-covered in the media, a true grasp of President Biden’s accomplishments gets lost in all the noise of our highly politicized climate. The progress this administration has made on this front is truly unprecedented and must be credited as such. The $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the bipartisan bill President Biden officially signed into law late last year, is a historic feat that will fund the rebuilding of crumbling roads and bridges, the strengthening of our nation’s resilience to climate change, and help provide high-speed internet to every family." Click here to read the full OpEd!