Dec 23, 2022 | News Story

Actors' Equity Association Members Ratify New Production Contract

Actors’ Equity Association members have ratified a new three-year agreement with The Broadway League. The Production Contract: Broadway and Sit-Downs governs employment in shows on Broadway, as well as in sit-down shows produced by members of the Broadway League elsewhere in the United States. The new agreement will be in effect through September 28, 2025.

The contract includes fewer 10/12s (a scheduling practice requiring ten hours of work a day, plus two hours break during technical rehearsals), fewer rehearsal hours after opening, significant Equity, Diversity and Inclusion advances, paid sick leave for the entire Equity company, more stage manager preproduction, increases in some chorus increments and the union's highest overall salary gains in decades.

“The Broadway League is the largest group of employers for Equity members, and coming to our first agreement after the pandemic shutdown and subsequent reopening is a major step,” said Lead Negotiator, Equity Executive Director Al Vincent, Jr. “This was not an easy negotiation, and over 21 bargaining sessions everyone on both sides of the table had to make difficult choices. I am proud of the work the Equity team did to achieve a contract that makes significant strides on a number of issues that have been on our agenda for decades. And this agreement also lays important foundations that we will build on in negotiations to come.” Read more here.