Dec 2, 2022 | News Story

Members and Supporters of Hearst Union Rally in Front of Manhattan HQ

Writers Guild of America, East members at Hearst Media and supporters including the NYC CLC rallied in front of Hearst Tower on Monday night, demanding that the company stop stalling and agree to a fair first contract. WGAE covers 500 employees at Hearst Magazines, spread out across more than 25 publications and 4 states and including everything from Esquire to ELLE to Good Housekeeping.

Hearst has fought its employees’ union tooth and nail since it formed in the summer of 2020. They initially delayed recognition of the Union by exploiting legal loopholes, and now they have stalled in contract talks for nearly two years. But as with recognition, they are only delaying the inevitable—they must come to an agreement that treats their workers with respect and dignity.

The bargaining committee has put in countless hours to improve the working conditions at Hearst but have been met with resistance at every turn. The Union is fighting for better, livable salaries at a time of record high inflation; fairness and due process when it comes to job security; modest proposals on retirement, health benefits, and paid time off; a diverse and equitable workplace; and anti-harassment protections. Read more and check out highlights of the rally on Hearst Union's Twitter feed!