Dec 2, 2022 | News Story

Part Time Faculty at The New School Vote 95% to Stay on Strike for a Fair Contract

1700 part-time faculty members at The New School, members of UAW Local 7902, are still on strike demanding a contract that provides real raises, expanded health coverage, greater job security, more input into curricula, and real recourse against harassment and discrimination. The strike began on Wednesday, November 16.

Part-time faculty are 87% of The New School’s instructional staff, but the university's spending on their salaries comprises only 7.5% to 8.5% of its budget. Part-time faculty have not received a raise in over four years; as a result, their real earnings are down 18% from 2018.

This week, 95% of part time faculty voted NO on the University's "last, best, final" offer, choosing instead to remain on strike, return to the bargaining table and work towards a fairer deal with the help of a mediator.

A picket line is up at The New School University Center (63 5th Ave) from 11AM to 4PM daily, follow the union on Twitter for updated picketing times next week and additional ways to show support! (Photos: Laborers Local 79 on the picket line in solidarity with UAW 7902)