Jan 27, 2023 | News Story

HarperCollins Agrees to Enter Mediation with UAW 2110

HarperCollins Publishers has finally agreed to enter mediation with the union, Local 2110 UAW. The union has been on strike since November 10, 2022, and have not heard directly from the company since their last bargaining session on November 2. The update was provided to the federal mediator assigned to negotiations, who previously invited both parties to resume negotiations.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to continue bargaining with HarperCollins and hope they finally are ready to put a fair offer on the table,” said Olga Brudastova, President of Local 2110 UAW. “We have been on strike for over two months at this point. It is time for us to resolve any outstanding differences and attempt to reset our relationship.”

The union, Local 2110 of the UAW, represents 250+ employees in editorial, sales, publicity, design, legal, and marketing departments. The union is bargaining for higher pay, a greater commitment to diversifying staff, and stronger union protection. Negotiations started in December 2021 and unionized employees have been working without a contract since April 2022.

Strikers plan another #TakeItToTheTop rally on Thursday to amplify the support they have been receiving from authors, agents, booksellers, politicians, and the labor movement at large; click here for details!