Feb 3, 2023 | News Story

Bustle Digital Group Union Condemns Layoffs

"We vehemently condemn BDG’s decision to lay off nearly 40 unit members and shutter Gawker," the Bustle Digital Group Union (a unit of Writers Guild of America, East) said in a statement yesterday. The company made the announcement that it was eliminating about 8% of positions at the company and shutting down the revived media brand, about 18 months after reviving the title, on Wednesday. The action constituted the third round of layoffs in the past five months, during which the company has laid off 75 bargaining unit members, effectively reducing the number of union employees by half.

"For months the CEO has told staff and the public that the company is succeeding financially. These layoffs therefore came as a cruel shock to our colleagues and demonstrate the urgent need for a fair union contract, with protections for severance and just cause. In fact, BDG refused to bargain over the decision to take this drastic measure. Now, we demand BDG bargain in good faith about the repercussions of this decision and offer the severance that our colleagues deserve amid historic inflation. We stand united in support of all our affected colleagues and in calling for a fair contract now after two long years of bargaining." Follow the BDG Union on Twitter! #BDGFairContractNow